Longinus The Vampire: Babylon - Horror Novel

A thrilling, romantic, darkly sensuous and terrifying horror adventure set in the opulent splendour of the Golden City of Babylon.

Strap on your sword, mount your horse, and smile grimly. High adventure, salacious temptations, unimaginable horrors and a glorious death awaits you. The great game of gods, demons and men has begun.

The Story - As Revealed On A Mysterious Clay Tablet Unearthed Near The Dead Sea...

The fate of the Kingdom of Babylonia hangs by a gossamer thread.

The ancient Babylonian gods are in a cataclysmic struggle with the Jewish god.

King Nebuchadnezzar has been cursed to become a beast, and murderous traitors surround Queen Amytis and her children.

Evil roams the streets at night and pregnant women are dying from a mysterious illness.

Arwia, the young High Priestess of Marduk, prays to the gods and asks them to send a saviour.

Ereshkigal, the noble Queen of the Underworld, hears her prayer and sends Namtar, her dragon messenger, to rescue Longinus from Asmodeus' clutches in Hell and carry him back to ancient Babylon.

Ereshkigal reveals to Longinus that the terrifying demoness, Lamashtu, is intent on opening the seven gates of the underworld and letting the dead spew forth across the land. She asks him to become her champion and save the people of Babylon. Longinus, smitten by her beauty and the justness of her cause, agrees.

To restore order to the cosmos, he must confront Lilith, the Queen of the Night, and free Lamashtu's horrifying, demon nemesis - Pazuzu, the Dark Angel of the Four Winds. However, he must first defeat Lamashtu's servants, the powerful, vampire necromancers and sorcerers - the Blood Priests of Akkad.

Can Longinus; Arwia, the High Priestess; Bashaa, the dashing, young captain of the King's Guard; Belteshazzar (Daniel), the wise man; and Queen Amytis save Babylon from destruction?

Can Ereshkigal shield Longinus from Asmodeus' power until his quest is completed?

Can Queen Amytis have her loving husband returned to her?

Can Arwia and Bashaa ever find happiness together when the gods frown upon their love?

Can Belteshazzar reconcile being both a Jew and a Babylonian - and regain his lost faith in his God?

The answers are written in the stars, and only the gods can tell.

Armed with the Spear of Destiny, mounted on his Arabian stallion, Safanad, and accompanied by Urbarra, an old grey wolf, Longinus must ride forth into battle.

The gods have decreed "Fight evil with a greater evil" and the omens are propitious for a Babylonian adventure of epic proportions as Longinus fights desperately to complete his quest and save his friends.

This is a time for heroes - at the Gate of the Gods - in the Golden City of Babylon.

Longinus The Vampire: Babylon

***Some Reviews from Amazon UK and US***

5 Stars: "Epic!"

"This has got to be the most epic and fantastically addicting Trilogy I've read in ages!
A true page-turner! This tale should be made into a film!
I hated to see this story end!"

5 Stars: "Excellent"
"A straight up butt kicking book. I have read all three books and I just wished there were 20 more I have to give the author props. I wish I had the skills and motivation to write books like this. This is not Twilight. These are ruthless, butt kicking vampires and gods."

5 Stars: "AWESOME"

"AWESOME SERIES. Please put quill to parchment and continue with the series."

5 Stars: "Longinus:Babylon"

"A very good story !!!!! Lots of action and suspense. Interesting characters. Was hoping for a better outcome for Longinus, I like happy endings."

5 Stars: "C'mon Alan gimme a forth book !"

"I just finished the trilogy. I'm hoping there's a 4th book Honor,sex, violence has all you need!"

5 Stars: "Longinus series"

"I loved this series! I couldnít stop reading and each was better than the last. More of Longinus please. Thanks."

5 Stars: "Great read!"

"Like historical fiction. It made me run back to the Old Testament and several mythology books to look for clues and say hmmm, what if...."

5 Stars: "Vampies, gods, and The Revenant...the Roman centurion dammed by killing Christ"

"Absorbs you like the Revenants spear. Captivates your imagination, Lilith will strike you down. One of the best individual books and series i've read in years.... including Hartness's Bubba Monster slayer, Quincey Harker...... Inspector Montalbano. I've read it twice and still find it enthralling, twisted and real. What God's you say? Lilith Adams estranged wife...... Vampires to beat the band and evil people abound."

5 Stars: "Blood, Guts and an Awesome Vampire!"

"WOW! Definitely the best of the three books. What a great story using real people and events from history and then adding vampires, demons and more. Longinus is a terrific character and a new vampire to add to the pantheon. Definitely looking forward to book four in the series - Mr. Kinross get writing!"

5 Stars: "Still a Great Adventure"

"Ditto what I wrote for book 1. Really great adventure with vampires, gods, demons and time travel. Where is Book 4??"

5 Stars: "Incredible Story"

"Great main character. The interplay with Daniel from ancient Babylonian times was very creative. The historical descriptions were illuminating. Good action, great book."

5 Stars: "Exciting and refreshing read"

"Wonderful and unique with plots within plots. Tales of ancient and new gods that goes from present to past as quickly as a jet across the sky. I can't wait for the next installment in the series!"

5 Stars: "Spellbound!"

"I seriously could not put it down! Read all 3 books within a week! I hope there will be another that has Longinus escaping from Hell and reuniting with Lilith."

5 Stars: "Satisfying to read"

"I have enjoyed the series and I do so hope that perhaps the centurion will be freed again, take us away again."

5 Stars: "Great Story"

"I enjoyed all 3 books travelling along with Longinus. I experienced real sympathy and hope for the centurion to eventually be released from his immortal destiny and finally find peace. I look forward to the next book, and his escaping hell. I yearn for his redemption."

5 Stars: "Grabs you by the throat!"

"One of the best vampire series I've read. Just when I thought the genre had been done to death (pun intended), along comes Kinross with this trio of jewels.
I eagerly await the next volume..."

5 Stars: "Waiting for Fourth Book!"
"This is a great series. It's dark, filled with action, and you grow to love Longinus despite yourself. I'm now waiting for the next book in the series!"

Longinus The Vampire  Babylon 15

5 Stars: "Fantastic!"
"Absolutely amazing, can't wait for the next one!
Longinus continues to fight the good fight and keeps the pages turning."

5 Stars: "Vampires, time travel, Jews in exile, Babylon, what an amazing book."
"This was a fascinating book, it features the demon Asmodeus, some even older demons, many pagan Gods and the God we worship today. The combination of theology, demonology, paganism, plus our favorite character, the Revenant, make it for a very interesting book. Same goes for the eunuchs, court intrigue, and life in Babylon. I hope more books keep coming."

5 Stars: "Everything you want in a vampire story"
"Best escape in a book I've found in awhile. I read one right after the other. Thought provoking, insomnia producing, I loved this ride! The right amount of horrible going on to make it convincing to me that there are some hideous demons, and Longinus the demon vampire Lilith lover, it's just perfect! He's an ancient badass vampire with a heart of gold and I fell in love."

5 Stars: "Awesome Series"
"The tale that Alan Kinross weaves is dark and entertaining. I have read the
series and can say without reservation that it was well used time to read.
I am looking forward to his next book."

5 Stars: "I have become addicted to this series."
"I loved each of the three books immensely. I can't wait for the next one to
see how Longinus escapes from hell and to learn where his adventures will take him next!"

5 Stars: "Best of the series!"
"I just finished binge reading this series, this is by far my favorite. To be honest, it is amazing to see the difference in style and flow between all three books. Mr. Kinross has steadily improved, i eagerly anticipate future arcs in this story line! I wouldn't have finished the first book if it didn't have such an interesting plot. This last one is fantastic all around."

5 Stars: "I Just..."
"I juuuuuust need another one so badly!!"

5 Stars: "Great read!"

5 Stars: "Read this series."
"Loved this series."

5 Stars: "One hell of a good ride"
"What is not to like about a tale of heroes, evil demons, and time travel. Supernatural thrills and love story to boot."

5 Stars: "Longinus"
"Another brilliant book by Alan Kinross, who has become one of my favourite authors. I look forward to many more (hopefully) in the Longinus series."

5 Stars: "I am on the 3rd book and enjoying it as much as the first 2. Thanks Alan."

4 Stars: "Quick paced action"
"I always enjoy a good vampire story. Loved the setting of this story. The historical mix up added to the enjoyment."

4 Stars: "Interesting ancient Babylon time travel story."

4 Stars: "Damn good story."
"Excellent story."

4 Stars: "Entertaining"
"Entertaining and historically grounded."

4 Stars: "Good read"
"Looking for the next book. The series is different and page turning. A little less sex. Other than that it is definitely worth another book."

4 Stars: "Engaging character."
"This was a fun read."

4 Stars: "rollicking good series!"
"straightforward adventure!"

5 Stars: "The Adventure of Longinus Continues"

"In this novel, Longinus gets to prove that he is indeed a hero. A man of the people. Through thick and thin he fights all the obstacles and evils that surround him and comes out as the savior, sent to save Babylon.

Unlike the previous books where there is a lot of horror and bloody fights, this is a neatly crafted novel that focuses a lot more on romance and adventure. Through fresh new characters (Bashaa and Arwia), we see their struggles as the tradition and culture of ancient Babylon, try to hinder them from being together. But somehow fate pulls them together.

All characters in the novel are well developed and the environment in which events take place is awesomely described. You donít have to be too imaginative to get the picture that the author is trying to portray. Another thing I liked the humor that is throughout the novel, especially with characters like Hunzuu.

The struggle for power between the gods is maintained throughout the novel and you really do not know what to expect. Lots of suspence and unxepected turn of events that keep the novel interesting. Did I mention Longinus time travels? Another amazing feature. :-)

I am now left wondering what the author has in store for us in the future. I canít get enough of this series of novels.

Definitely my best buy of the year!"

Longinus The Vampire: Babylon 4

5 Stars: "Such an amazing series"

"I am a fan of all things vampire but author Alan Kinross has really taken things to an entirely different level with his "Longinus The Vampire" series. While you could read this latest book as a standalone, I have no idea why you'd want to as the entire series is simply outstanding.

This mix of vampire lore, adventure, and high fantasy is beyond original and the writing is some of the best that I've come across this year. Longinus isn't your typical vampire here. He is definitely a hero and the circumstances presented in the story make him easy to get behind in his quest to save Babylon.

There are some surprising elements to the story that make this a page-turner with some unexpected twists, and it is probably a series that I will be re-reading in the near future. It's that good. Definitely recommend this one."

5 Stars: "Brilliant - a book I couldn't put down!"

"When I noticed that a third Longinus the Vampire book had been published, I could not resist adding it to my book collection for a read. I really enjoyed the other two stories, however I often find that sequel stories aren't as good as the originals - but I had nothing to worry about! Once I had started reading, I couldn't stop.

Full of exciting adventures, romance and humour, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Alan Kinross is an incredible writer and has undeniable talent in creating characters that envelop the reader in the storyline and make you want to continue reading to the end.

Although it is the third in the series, this could be read as a stand-alone story, however if you have time to read all three, I can guarantee you won't regret it! All three stories are extremely high quality and well written, creating the perfect series."

5 Stars: "Incredible read, would recommend"

"Alan Kinross has truly outdone himself again with this third installation of the Longinus the Vampire story. The characters stories are well developed and flow almost seamlessly from the initial two stories. They must work together to save Babylon, leading to an epic adventure, with violence, romance and everything in between, including many more humorous conversations and situations. Even an evil demoness is added to the mix of the incredible story. The quality of Kinross' story telling only seems to excel with each Longinus addition.

To save giving away too much of the storyline, I will just end with saying that I would definitely recommend this book to anyone debating whether to read it. It is a great addition to the other two stories and definitely worth a read, even if you haven't read the previous stories in the series."

5 Stars: "The Sexy Sinbad of Vampires"

"Bloody hell! That was some story!

This is an excellent third book by Kinross. Through Longinus's eyes (and the other characters) he paints a living breathing picture of life in ancient Babylon. Kinross is obviously a fan of this period and never misses a chance to teach us something new about the Babylonians e.g. I now know where the word Honeymoon comes from! It's little snippets of information like this that make the story so interesting and entertaining. Kinross sucks you in and amazes you with the people, culture and wonders of Babylon.

It's a lusty exciting book and has less horror and more humour and romance than his last novels. Mind you the main villain is an evil bag of a demoness and the dark side of Kinross's imagination is still bubbling away in the background. He shows you just enough of her horrific doings so that he scares the pants off you. She is defintely NOT something that you want to bump into on a dark night!

I've no idea how he will top this great book. Until then - Hail Longinus! The saviour of Babylon!"

Longinus The Vampire: Babylon

***Amazon Australia***

5 Stars: "Loved this book and the other 2. I really wish there were more in the set. First vamp book ive enjoyed for a long time. Romance history and hero vampire what more could you ask for?"


"Hello, this is about as good as can get in the world of Vampires. The only bad part would be if the author doesn't continue the story. Damn fine stuff. Thanks."

"A really exciting, interesting novel."

The Longinus the Vampire Trilogy

Saint or sinner? Knight or nightmare? Only the gods can tell.

Longinus the Vampire: Babylon is the third book in the Longinus the Vampire series. However, it can be read quite easily as a standalone novel.

Longinus The Vampire: Babylon


Longinus the Vampire Babylon Book




Best Vampire Book 8

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