Longinus the Vampire - Horror Novel

The Most Powerful Of All Vampires Is Unleashed!

Saint or sinner?
Knight or nightmare?
Only the gods - and you - can tell.

Love, honour, revenge, lust, greed, and exciting fight scenes - all served with a healthy topping of horror, and a dark lair of depravity. "Longinus the Vampire" is a gripping and bloody horror adventure novel which will warm your blood and chill your soul. It's full of twists and turns, and you will never be certain what is going to happen next.

Be ye warned - abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The Story...

The Revenant was created to destroy Lilith's enemies and lead her vanguard at the battle of Armagedon. Unfortunately, there was one very serious flaw in his unholy perfection; a much higher power gave him a conscience.

Not only must he battle against the terrifying creatures of the night, he must also fight to retain the last vestiges of his humanity and honour; otherwise, the beast inside him will take over completely.

The Past

He was the centurion who pierced the body of Christ with his spear.

He was damned for eternity and carried The Spear of Destiny.

He was seduced and turned by Lilith, The Queen of the Night.

She made him her Revenant - a vampire of immense power.

She used him to destroy her enemies.

Firstly, vampire heretics who refused to worship her.

Then innocent women and children.

He rebelled and escaped her power.

For centuries, he wandered the earth and fought in the wars of men.

Then he met his soul mate, the beautiful vampire Carmilla.

They lived together in peace, solitude and contentment.

The Present

Now the vampire Lord of New York has tortured and killed his soul mate.

Now Longinus will once again unleash the beast inside him, and the full power of the spear.

Now Longinus will bring down Lord Cervenka's vampire kingdom in an sea of blood and fire.

But Lilith is watching and waiting to reclaim what is rightfully hers...

There is no redemption for the damned.

Longinus the Knight Errant

A Story Thousands of Years In The Making

The story is told through through two timelines.

The past recounts his creation in Judea and follows his trials and adventures in ancient Alexandria, the Fortress of Masada, Constantinople, Africa, and the Great Siege of Malta.

The present describes his bloody quest for revenge as he travels from Scotland to Romania, and then on to New York. As Longinus probes deeper into the coven's activities, he begins to realise the full horror, cruelty, and depravity of Cervenka's clandestine empire.

Finally, both stories converge in a thrilling finale as Longinus attempts to destroy the powerful Lord Cervenka and his vast coven.

Lilith The Dark Mother

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Vampire Creature

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The Dark Mother

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Longinus the Vampire - Revenant

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Longinus the Vampire - Revenant Creature

The Coven